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Doing Business the Pacific Way

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Pacific Industrial & Marine Ltd. (PIM) has extensive experience in all facets of marine construction and/or deconstruction.  We have completed extensive and varied berthing systems and structures for BC Ferries and other major commercial ports including Victoria, Prince Rupert and Vancouver Harbours.  These include floating and fixed wing walls, floating leads, trestles, fendering systems, foreshore modifications as well as vehicle and pedestrian ramps & approaches.  We have designed and built complete marinas, floating dock systems and breakwaters.

Services Include:

  • Manufacture and installation of docks, wharves, marinas, breakwaters, mooring anchors/buoys, ramps, as well as custom steel, aluminum, and concrete components.
  • Pile driving, drilling, and dredging
  • Demolition and salvage

Pile Driving

PIM operates both land based and marine based pile driving units and follows Best Management Practices in marine environments. PIM crews consist of certified bridgemen/piledrivers, certified crane operators, and experienced labourers.

Piling can be used to support wharfs, piers, docks, bridges, towers, light stations or fender systems, as well as forming foundations for buildings or acting as and supporting retaining walls.

Depending on the application, piles may be wood, concrete, steel pipe or H-Piles and are installed with an impact or vibratory hammer, screwed into soil or drilled directly into rock. The type of pile, length and depth they are seated at, is dependent on both the design criteria, bearing, friction support or uplift needed for the project and the ground conditions.

PIM generally uses vibratory equipment to extract piles when required for deconstructions leaving the marine environment clear of debris when demolishing structures that are no longer in use.

    Floats and Docks

    Wooden Docks

    DFO style wooden floats are fabricated using ACZA treated wood and are commonly 9’ or 12’ in width. Floats are balanced using encapsulated Styrofoam billets so as not to pollute the environment. Floats can be fitted with ladders, transition plates, and aluminum or steel gangways depending on the application.

      Concrete Docks

      PIM offers many concrete dock designs for a variety of uses: home/cottages, warehouses, workshops, marinas and much more. All our products are durable, always built to marina standards and have unlimited possibilities. Concrete floats are the environmentally friendly solution as they are a one-time purchase.

      Our precast concrete floats:

      •         are built to withstand the most robust industrial applications and toughest weather conditions;
      •         have flexible build design and unlimited building configurations;
      •         have a 50-year life span and maintain value;
      •         are built to marina standards and have unsinkable positive floatation.

      All our concrete docks include:

      • Galvanized cleats;
      • Treated wood tie rails and rub rails;
      • High strength concrete;
      • Solid foam fill.

        Optional features:

        • Sewer tanks;
        •  Water tanks;
        • In-slab heating;
        • Float Deck Finishes available – Broom; Trowel, Exposed Aggregate

          Reconstruction Projects

          Reconstruction is common on the coast where weather and use might require upgrading, replacement, or expansion of an existing facility and include installation of additional piles, redecking, new gangways, or new float configuration.

          Nootka IRB Coast Guard Station Reconstruction, Nootka Island
          Completed April 2019

          Queen Charlotte City Wharf Reconstruction, Haida Gwaii

          Completed June 2018